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What is workplace yoga and why is it gaining on popularity?

Why are more and more people practicing yoga lately? Why does your colleague at work explain to you so enthusiastically about the yoga class she attended and why do world-famous athletes include yoga practice in their training process? What is so miraculous about this ancient practice?

Yoga is more than just a philosophy

Yoga gives you what you need - for some it's preparation for meditation, for some it's help in rehabilitation and for others it's a strenuous and advanced practice. Yoga is not just an ancient philosophy and something only women do, as it is “gentle and dedicated to chakras and mudras”. Yoga is more than that and has many beneficial effects on the body and mind.

Yoga in the workplace

Yoga is versatile and broad. Not only in it’s directions (Ashtanga, Power, Yin …), but also in the ways and locations of implementation. In the last two years, it has moved to the virtual world and has become accessible even to those who are unable to attend live sessions in studios. And yoga also moved to companies. Employees spend almost (or even more) 30% of their lives at work, so companies are offering them different ways to boost their productivity and happiness at the workplace.

“I work with quite a few companies and we have our own way of practising yoga with each of them. With some we meet live (also on the terraces of companies, where the sun caresses and greets us in the morning) in their premises, and with others online, where they can practice in the comfort of their home. The practice is tailored to the wishes of the group - for those who already have full schedules, I prepare a shorter 25-30 minute stretch for which they do not need yoga mats and special sports clothes. With others, we practice for a longer time and on mats. What they all have in common, however, is that they like to return to our sessions every week and report on their improved well-being and progress in various areas of life.” - Kim Majoranc, yoga teacher and founder of the Body & Mind Institute

The benefits of practicing yoga in the workplace

With yoga, we learn to divert attention to ourselves - away from all the confusing thoughts that keep us from being ‘here and now’ - it calms our breath and banishes tension from the body. It has a very anti-stress effect, as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helps us think better, because with deeper and controlled breathing we bring more oxygen into the body and relieve different muscles, which stay very passive during working hours (seated working style).

Benefits of yoga

  • Yoga can be performed by anyone - the level of difficulty is adjusted to the practitioner

  • You can practice yoga anywhere and anytime - before / during / after work, in the office or at home

  • Yoga helps to calm thoughts and has an anti-stress effect - if performed regularly and consistently

  • Yoga helps relieve tensions and muscle ache and with regular practice we strengthen the muscles.

If you and your team want to start practising yoga at workplace, get in touch with us and we will prepare you and personalised offer.

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