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Your body, your mind

Body and Mind Institute unites different wellbeing approaches that all have one thing in common — an understanding that everyone is unique and has their own body and own mind. And our goal is to help you see, that you are in control of both.


You are in a right place if you are looking for

  • dynamic yoga classes (online + live in our studio in Ljubljana),

  • workplace yoga (online + in your office),

  • individual yoga sessions (online or in person),

  • performance psychology counseling (individual, group),

  • yoga retreats or other related wellbeing topics.


From yoga to psychology

There is an important connection between your body and mind and as soon as one is not doing well, the other will suffer. That is why you need to take care of both. Prevention has always been better than intervention.


We are here to help you. The services we offer take care of both body and mind, it is up to you to choose which suit you better.

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Professional approach

Meet Kim, the founder of Body & Mind Institute and the person you will most probably be working with — your yoga teacher and psychologist.

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